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We use the data you have provided to keep you up to date with news, promotions and offers relating to your loyalty card membership including terms of use updates and rewards balances etc. This data is for our own use and is used in accordance with the latest and most up to date Data Protection Regulations.

You can amend your preferences and unsubscribe at anytime by following the link on the emails we send. NB:Our Loyalty Reward Card scheme cannot be offered to anyone who does not provide the necessary identification and proof of age information - as it’s functionality is affected.

Current rewards programme offers:


Get a discount reward on food, drinks and accommodation when you present your Loyalty card at The Dragon, Willington, Harpur’s of Melbourne, The Boot, Repton or The Cottage Willington. Variations may apply to certain products and at extremely busy times.*

Birthday treat

What better place to celebrate your birthday? Call in on your birthday and choose from a FREE Pint, a FREE Glass of Wine or a FREE Soft Drink.


Book your Christmas Party on selected dates and get the Christmas party menu at an exclusively reduced price!


From time to time other offers will be made available exclusively to Loyalty Card holders and will be published by text, email or point of sale material.

Priority booking service

All Loyalty reward card holders will have an exclusive ‘first opportunity’ to make reservations for themed nights and events. Card holders will be notified by newsletter of all up and coming events prior to any event going on general sale.

Terms & conditions
The Loyalty Reward card, rewards customers for their loyalty with rewards for purchasing goods and services at The Dragon, Willington, Harpur’s of Melbourne, The Boot, Repton and The Cottage, Willington.
When making a purchase the card holder presents his card, which is swiped, and a reward to a certain value or percentage value (as detailed or advertised) is added to their card. The more purchases made the higher the value becomes of the card. Value accumulates with every purchase and a ‘balance’ becomes available to spend on other purchases. A ‘balance’ can be checked at anytime by presenting the card to a member of staff who will swipe it through the system to check the balance.
The value of the balance can be used in whole or as part payment for other products. It is a ‘reward value’ only and has no corresponding cash value. The value can only be exchanged for products or services and cannot be exchanged for cash. Rewards are accumulated as points which are valued at 1p per point.
To register for inclusion in the scheme applicants, who MUST be over the age of 18 at the time of application, complete an application form to join the scheme and, at the point of application, agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the scheme as published.
For full terms and conditions please contact us.


Sign up to our Loyalty Reward scheme and enjoy discounts, birthday treats, and various other exclusive promotions.

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